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The Referendum Model
First Proposed 1999
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The Referendum model is a republican Constitution derived from my "ConCon" model but closer to the Government's model which has been revealed by the Referendum Taskforce's Constitution Alteration Exposure Draft. This model proposes somewhat fewer changes than my "ConCon" model. Note that my response to the Government's Exposure Drafts reveals many deficiencies, including some extremely serious deficiencies which may easily lead to constitutional vacuum (and a consequent irreparable break down in constitutional processes), all to which solutions have been proposed.

» Go! to the Government's Referendum Taskforce's Constitution Alteration (Establishment of Republic) 1999 Exposure Draft.
» Go! to my detailed reponse to the Government's Exposure Draft, which includes explanatory comments.
» Go! to my draft "Referendum model" Constitution.
» Go! to a "cleaned", easier to read version of my draft "Referendum model" Constitution, without text highlighting.
» Go! to my draft "Referendum model" Preamble, based on my "ConCon model" Preamble and Gareth Evans's Preamble (below).
» Go! to the Preamble drafted by Gareth Evans in consultation with members of the ALP and the Coalition, indigenous leaders, the Australian Republican Movement, the Constitutional Centenary Foundation and delegates to the Constitutional Convention.
» Go! to the Preamble drafted by John Howard in consultation with Les Murray.

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