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My New Preamble for the Australian Constitution

By Peter Crayson
This is based on my earlier "ConCon model" Preamble and influenced by Gareth Evans' draft Preamble. The line in red italics referring to the establishment of a republic could be included if and when we become a republic, and if included, the "And" at the beginning of the previous line would be omitted.
Whereas sovereignty ultimately resides in the People, from whom the legal and moral authority of this Constitution is drawn:
We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia,
Having come together in 1901 as a Federation under the Crown, relying on the blessing of Almighty God,
Recognising indigenous Australians as the original occupants and custodians of our land,
Finding unity in diversity, our united people drawn from nations across the globe,
Respecting our unique and ancient land, and the environment which we share,
Acknowledging the equality of all before the law,
Believing in liberty, equity and fairness,
Embracing the principles of responsible and accountable government, the rule of law and the separation of powers,
And declaring ourselves to be a sovereign, independent and representative democracy,
And having decided to establish the Commonwealth of Australia in 2001 as a Federal Republic,
Hereby commit ourselves to this Constitution.

Last updated 26 March 1999.

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