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A picture of me

This is what I look like!
This picture was taken in Japan in March 1998,
just after I finished working at the
Nagano Winter Olympic Games.

Hi! Here's just a little about me, for anyone who's interested. You're quite welcome to e-mail me to find out more should you wish to do so!

  Vital statistics: Age: 39. Lifestyle: strict vegetarian, don't smoke, rarely drink

  Nationality: Australian

  Current job: Program Manager

  Previous jobs: Junior high school English (as a foreign language) teacher in Gifu Prefecture, Japan; Volunteer at the Nagano Olympic Games; IBM mainframe (VM) systems programmer

  Academic qualifications: B.Sc. (Computing) at the University of New South Wales; Cert. TESOL at the University of New South Wales; Dip. Indonesian Language and Culture at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Central Java, Indonesia; plus many other lesser courses!

  Languages: Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, French, German

  Interests and hobbies: many!!! Some are: reading; travelling; anthropology (cultures, philosophies, religions); photography; nature and the environment, bushwalking/hiking; science and technology; languages; films, music and the arts; eating healthy, vegetarian food; organic gardening and cultivation; current affairs and politics; law (especially constitutional law); electoral systems; foreign affairs; the urban environment; transport systems...

  Values: Compassion, justice, fairness, honesty, loving-kindness, humility, ...

  Impersonal Goals: To make some contribution towards making the world a better place. If I were superhuman, I would bring peace, justice, fairness and well-being to all peoples and bring about harmony between humans and nature. Since I'm not superhuman, I would strive to at least go some small way towards achieving these goals!

  Some philosphical musings

Want to know anything else? Ask!

  If you'd like to contact me, please email me at

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