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The ConCon Model
First Proposed 1998
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The ConCon model is a republican Constitution consistent with the communiqué issued by ConCon. This model bears substantial similarities to my Minimalist Model 3, which can be found in my submission to the Constitutional Commission (see "My submission to the Constitutional Commission" above). This model provided for nomination of the President by a Constitutional Council with appointment by a Parliamentary super-majority.

» Go! to the final report of the Constitutional Convention, including the communiqué.
» Go! to my draft "ConCon model" Constitution.
» Go! to a "cleaned", easier to read version of my draft "ConCon model" Constitution, without text highlighting or comments.
» Go! to comments on my "ConCon model" Preamble.
» Go! to explanatory comments.
» Go! to the submission I made to the Constitutional Convention of 1998. It contains an entire amended republican constitution including four options for the appointment of a President, and extensive explanations and commentary. This submission was completed as a web site in January 1998 and is retained unaltered for historical and documentary purposes.

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