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Constitutional Reform in Australia

The Australian Constitution came into force on 1 January, 1901. The document has barely changed since then, and remains in many respects a relic of a colonial era. The question of whether Australia should dispense with the British monarch as our Head of State and replace the monarch and her representative, the Governor-General, with a democratically elected President has prompted debate on constitutional reform.

In order to contribute constructively to this debate, I am producing a number of versions of an amended republican Constitution. The minimalist ("Stage 1") models propose various methods for nominating and appointing the President, with Model 1 being my preferred option.

Stage 1 amendments implement a republican form of government and include some other reforms which it would be expedient and desirable to implement concurrently. Changes are in accordance with the "minimalist" paradigm, aimed at achieving a republic with a minimum of change.

Stage 2 amendments implement more substantial changes which are not necessarily part of the republican agenda.

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